Saturday, 7 January 2012

What's it all about

It's January 2012 and after 50 years of living in Australia, and a couple elsewhere, Katrina (my wife) and I are leaving the comfort and security of Canberra and a public service job to go to Oman and enter the life of a contractor.

At the moment it's all madness getting the house packed down and waiting til after the termite eradicators have been so I can put the packed boxes in storage in my workshop.  Which will then be locked and we'll be off to the wild blue yonder a few days later.

In the mean time it's panic stations and there's so many things to do... Ah well once we're there and settled in things will settle down.

Oman is the most liberal and stable of the countries around that area and has a lot of things to go and see.  Once we've seen some of the country it will be a great jump off point for adventures further afield...

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