Saturday, 28 January 2012

Technology and other joys..............

What fun.  I've just spent the last hour or so trying to send an email, with attachment, from my tablet.  Easy  peasy one would think! In David land not so easy.  Because we are on the road access to wireless networks is limited, meaning we have to tether through a mobile phone.

Not so hard when the phone says we have 3G access.  Yeah right! Ultimately it did work, but only after blowing away the original email and starting afresh.  Tether to my phone, tether to Katrina's phone, try again..... and so it went and all the while the tablet would  happily surf the web and send other emails, just not this one - the one that mattered.

We're now in Geelong with my parents, which leads to the other technology bits.  Last weekend my camera met with an unfortunate piece of concrete and later a parquetry floor. The outcome was pink flaring in the left of the viewfinder and a black bar that moved about when you shook the phone a bit, and it appeared in the pictures.  Not worth repairing is the advice, but if I can find the receipt........... Yeah right.

So a quick trip into Geelong town later I now have a new camera - a Nikon entry level ultra zoom thing.  Been having fun learning how it works, does all sorts of useful picture things and has better picture quality, feels more robust and a better zoom.  All in all not a bad exchange.

While we were getting the phone I got acquisitive about bluetooth keyboards and now have a funky SONIQ rollup keyboard, which seems to work well with the tablet - win.  Now I just have to work out why the layout is US standard, but seems to have that odd French key setup. Thank goodness for all that time spent using French keyboards at the World Customs Organisation.

We  are still no closer to having a finalised departure date, but I am hopeful the earlier referenced email will help things along on that front.

So apart from playing with the new camera, we haven't done ANYTHING.  Well we may have gone for a short (emphasis on short) walk and watched some tennis.  What is it with our parents? Both sets (SETS - AAARGH, I'm even using the terminology!) have recently taken to watching the tennis!    It's now Sunday and in the interim we have watched more tennis than in the entirety of the rest of our married life!  Still think drying paint has certain attractions................

And just because I have been playing with the camera......

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