Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hurry up and wait - 19/Jan/2012

Well a couple of days ago the not unexpected occurred and our departure from Australia is now delayed for one to two weeks.  I'm told not to take it personally and I'm not.  It's just a major inconvenience.  We have to move out of the house today and for the next little while I guess we will be relying on the largesse of friends and family for crash space til we finally depart.

So our adventure starts a little sooner and a little closer to home than we had imagined.  Katrina and I will now at least have the time and opportunity to get down to Victoria and say proper farewells to family before jetting out. What with siblings all around or over the 50 mark and octagenarian parents/in-laws this is rather important.

The whole thing is still rather surreal, but it will happen. Katrina has resigned from the School of music and I have started long term leave, so at least there's money coming in and a cushion to float us through til the new income starts flowing.

Talking about money, we have had fun and games on that front, the Bank has been, in parts, incredibly useless and also amazingly helpful which I guess on an averaging effect leaves them rated as an organisation let down by the sum of its parts.  And I thought public sector bureaucracy sucked.

The mad rush that is the house pack ends today.  There's still plenty to do, but that long black tunnel is now not so long and enough stuff has been packed so that the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright and beckoning.......

Bj (Robert) becomes the leaseholder on our house as of tomorrow and most of the share house tennants have moved in aleady, which has made for an interesting dynamic for the last few days in our own house.  Yesterday they went over to the real estate agents and signed their young lives away in servitude to out mortgage. So nice of them to take that on!

Ah well time to go and do...



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