Thursday, 22 December 2016

2016 a final update

Happy Christmas

 I’ve never tried to do a family and friends Christmas/New Years message before, so here goes nothing. A lot of people we know consider 2016 to have been somewhat of an “Annus Horibilis” and when you look at Brexit, Trump, the limping black comedy that is the Australian Government and the deaths of loved celebrities there is some point to this. But for us 2016 has had far more positives than negatives.

Newly minted Doctor
Newly married

  • Katrina fulfilled her long held wish, completing her PhD thesis and achieving the accolade of Doctor! There is a Doctor in the house!!!!
  • Rufus and Georgie finally got around to tying the knot. Yay well done, at last ! At a celebration that had a bit of something for everyone.
    Something else

even more Something 
With added furniture
With added lion
  • BJ had a good year with changes on the work front and so-on.
  • David got to walk with Lions – yep real honest to goodness LIONS! and
  • We finally own the house in France! Now with furniture and all………………………..
Family portrait

Dinner with friends in Australia

 On the down side, Katrina’s knee has become rapidly worse and will have to be replaced in March, we lost a good friend in Michelle Dean and we become increasingly detached from Australia and our former life there. Our trips back to Australia are bittersweet in that we don’t get to see everyone we want to and each year we come away having seen at least one person for the last time.
The whirlwind tour of 2016 was Oman, Australia, UK, France, Belgium, UAE, Senegal and Ethiopia. There was a contract renewal back in March, which at its end will mean 6 years in Oman. And that will be that. Barring unforseen circumstances David will retire in early 2018, so if you want to come and visit us in Oman you have just over a year.

Oman continues to endear itself to us, with its friendly people, stunning scenery and that you never know what is around the next corner. We are looking forward to seeing more of Oman in 2017.

Friendly Omani's
More of "that" scenery
Some of "that" scenery
For us 2016 was a year of too much travel, a lot of work with some successes along the way. We are looking forward to see what 2017 brings and it already looks promising. So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, may the future be good for you. and

Bye for now

A Bientot

You never quite know what you will see next!


  1. Miss you both but so good to hear what a rich life you are enjoying in Oman (with sidetrips to France). Sending hugs and Christmas wishes xx

    1. Cheers Shona. I hope 2017 is good got you too and have a great Christmas. Those chocolate cookies you posted on look divine.

  2. Dear David
    Have a merry Christmas and great new year. All lovely to read all your news and follow your stories. I am look forward to a new grandson being born for the new year and lots of travel as well. We all continue to be well. Retirement is near for me too. All the best Jenny Seymour x

    1. Hi Jenny. Good to hear from you. Another grandson, wow things move on, have a great Christmas and 2017. Cheers. David